Figure 11.15

This command compacts all the layers to one.

One of the most useful features introduced in recent versions of Photoshop is the capability to create and save layer comps. Layer comps in Photoshop save multiple configurations of a file by recording the visibility, layer style, and positions of selected layers. Instead of needing to create a half-dozen examples of something like a logo as six separate documents, you can create one, and then add as many comps as you need. To save a layer comp, first open the Layer Comps palette. When the image is where you want it, with the right layers showing and the others hidden, click the New Layer Comp button at the bottom of the palette. (It looks just like the New Layer button on the Layers palette.) You can name the layer comp, and select the attributes to preserve in the resulting dialog box, shown in Figure 11.16. You can also add notes about this version of the image by typing them into the Comment field.

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