Figure 19.17

Click Include All Subfolders if you want their contents to be included in the contact sheet.

If you're going to print your contact sheets, be sure that the document size is no larger than the paper in your printer. Be sure that it fits inside your printer's printable area, in fact—most printers don't print right to the edge of the paper. Low resolution (72 dpi) is usually good enough to see what's going on, and saves time and space. Decide how many thumbnails you want per page, and set them up across or down as you prefer. Finally, if you want to identify them on the contact sheet (which I strongly recommend), click the Use Filename As Caption check box and select a font and size for the caption, which is the name of the file. When you click OK, Photoshop will automatically open your files one at a time, create thumbnails, and paste them into a new document. You can then save and print this contact sheet just like any other page. Figure 19.18 shows a typical contact sheet. Note that the pictures are in alphabetical order.

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