Figure 24.17

It takes just a few settings to create a PDF slide show.

In the PDF Presentation dialog, click Browse and choose all the image files you want to include in the presentation. You'll end up with one page for each image listed in the Source Files area. When your list is complete, drag and drop the photos to set the order in which you want them to appear.

Now it's time to choose Output Options for the presentation:

► Choose Save As Multi-Page Document to create a PDF with images on separate pages, or Save As Presentation to make a slide show. For slide shows, choose how long each image should be displayed before the presentation advances to the next image, specify a transition type, and decide whether the presentation should loop (start over again when it gets to the last image).

► Click Background to choose a background color for the pictures.

► Choose the text you want to include with each photo: its filename, title, copyright data, author, description, EXIF information, or annotations. Except for filename and annotations, all of this information is set by choosing File>File Info.

After you've set all the options, click Save to give the presentation a name and choose where it should be located on your computer. After you click Save again, you'll see the Save Adobe PDF dialog box, where you can choose an Adobe PDF preset or specify save options for the PDF. Then click Save PDF.

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