Figure 8.5

The Blur Tool Options bar.

Figure 8.6 shows a close look at the Blur tool's effect. The flowers were perfect, but the leaves looked as if they'd been hit with a weed whacker. Some careful blurring can hide the damage. Figure 8.7 shows the picture before and after retouching.

Make sure that, as you blur, you cover the entire area that you intend to blur. A missed spot stands out very conspicuously. Also don't forget that you can change the size of your Brush tool by choosing a different brush from the Brushes menu. For the Blur tool, I recommend using a brush with a soft edge, but not for the Sharpen tool. When sharpening, I prefer to use a small brush with hard edges so that I know exactly where I am. You'll also find it helpful to work with a magnified view of your picture, just so you have better control over the tool.

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