Torn Edges, 316 Water Paper, 318 Smart filters, 267-269 Stylize filters Emboss, 335 Find Edges, 333 Glowing Edges, 333 Trace Contour, 334 Wind, 335 Texturizer filter, 270 type effects, 350 underpainting (oil painting technique), 173 watercolor filters, 166 applying, 167 brush detail, 167-169 shadow intensity, 167-169 texture, 167-169

Find Edges filter, 333 finding palettes, Window menu, 25 Selection tools, 45 stock photos, 394 text, 364

finger painting option (Smudge tool),

152-153 flattening layers, 218 flipping images, 196-197 rotating versus, 197

Focus tools

Blur tool, 154-158 Sharpen tool, 156-159 foreground color defining, 133 selecting, 134 Free Transform submenu (Edit menu), 196

Distort command, 200-201 Perspective command, 201 Skew command, 198

Freeform Pen magnetic option, 253 Pen tools, switching to, 254 frequency (Magnetic Lasso tool), 50 Fresco filter, 302

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