Hiding/Showing Layers

Another great feature of layers is that when you want to concentrate on one part of your image, you can hide all the other layers. To the left of the thumbnails, you will notice small icons in the shape of eyes. These indicate that a layer is visible. If you see the eye, you can see the layer. If you click the eye, however, the eye disappears, and the layer becomes hidden. In Figure 11.11, you can see that I've turned off the bread, but the lettuce, tomato, and bacon are still visible.

Let's try it. Click the eye icons next to the bread and lettuce layers. They disappear, as will the corresponding layers in your image. Click again and the icons reap-pear—with the layers. While the layer is hidden, you can't paint on it or do anything with it, except drag it up or down (or use the commands detailed previously) to change its order.

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