It's Okay to Peek

A good way to select the file format that's right for you is to visit websites that have graphics similar to what you want to publish. To find out what kind of file format an image is, simply click the image. On a Macintosh, Ctrl+click or click and hold the image (depending on your browser) until a dialog box appears. On a Windows machine, right-click the image.

In the dialog box, choose to save the image. When you are prompted for where you want to save the image, note the file extension—.jpg for JPEG, .png for PNG, or .gif for GIF. Click OK to save the file or click Cancel if you are just looking.

In Figure 24.3, I've created a simple button that I'll be saving as a GIF. Notice how much the file shrinks (from 190KB to 1.78KB) when I limit the colors in the GIF.

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