Layer Groups

Layer groups help you organize and manage collections of layers. After you define a group of layers, you can collapse them or reveal them as necessary, without actually flattening the image. With the sandwich example, you could have designated everything between the slices of bread as a group. If you needed to move the individual elements or change their size, you'd do so to the whole group rather than a layer at a time. Layer groups must be contiguous. You can't make a group of layers 1, 3, and 5 unless you move layers 2 and 4 to above or below the layer group. To create a layer group, select the layers you want to group, then use the command Layer> Group Layers. To make the group easier to locate, you can double-click its entry in the Layers palette and assign it a color. All the thumbnails in the group will show on the Layers palette with the assigned color as a background around the eyeball area.

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