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Want to put your art on a web page? Sure. So do I, but those files can be huge. Wouldn't it be better to put up thumbnail images, and then let interested viewers click those thumbnails to see the large versions? Of course it would. But creating all those thumbnails, and then making the page and linking the images to it—well, that sounds like hard work.

Fortunately, there's a better way. Photoshop's Web Photo Gallery does the job for you. Layouts range from a simple page of thumbnails, each of which you can click to open a new window with a full-size view; table format, again with thumbnails; scrolling frames, to variations with patterned and colored backgrounds, including the familiar Microsoft navy and gray. You can also choose your own colors for background and type as well as for links. Last, there is a slide show format that changes images every 10 seconds. Figure 24.12 shows the Web Photo Gallery dialog box with the styles showing.

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