The Underpainting filter leaves you with a somewhat indistinct picture, fine for some purposes but definitely unfinished. An artist would proceed to go back and overpaint the areas that need to have detail, so that's what you'll do to complete this autumn scene.

Because oil paintbrushes tend to be rather stiff, choose a hard brush rather than a soft-edged one. Be sure to turn off Wet Edges in the Brushes palette, if it happens to be on. You'll probably also want to change the blending mode, although Normal will work fine for some parts of the painting where you want to make actual strokes of paint. However, Dissolve might be the most useful mode for working into the trees. Use it, as shown in Figure 9.9, to stipple colors into the underpainting. (Stippling means to paint with the very end of a hard round brush, placing dots rather than strokes of paint. Dissolve does this effect very well.) Vary the Brush Size and Opacity to add more or less paint with each stroke.

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