Q. I want to print pictures at the top of the page so that my kids can write their stories under the

A. Easy. In the Print dialog box, uncheck Center Image and move your pictures wherever you want them on the page.


1. Dye-sublimation printers need special paper.

A. True

B. False

2. Registration marks look like:

A. The letter R in a circle

B. A cross in a circle

C. Four concentric circles in CMY and K

3. RGB stands for:

A. The initials of Roy G. Biv, inventor of ColorSync

B. Raster, Gray, Black


2. B. These marks make it easy to see when a color's out of register.

3. C. Those are the colors your monitor uses.


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2. Take a field trip to your local computer store or to a really good office supply store to see what kinds of papers they have for your printer. Also, check out art supply stores for unusual papers, such as canvas-textured, silk, and water-color. Treat yourself to a package of high-quality paper and try printing some of your best work.

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