Q. Okay, I've retouched all the old family photos. What do I do now?

A. The next logical step is to buy a package of photo-quality glossy paper and print them as photos. Kodak, HP, Canon, and Epson all sell glossy paper for inkjet printers. It's about the same weight as photo paper, and it makes your pictures look really good. If you don't have a reasonably good color printer, take your photos to a service bureau and have them printed on a color laser or high-quality inkjet.

Be sure to save the files for future use, too. DVDs, CD-ROMs, and Zip disks can hold several generations of family photos and can be stored in very little space. If you keep a backup copy in a safe place, such as a bank safe-deposit box, your precious family history is fire- and flood-proof. You can also place a family album on your web page, so distant relatives and friends can see how the kids have grown.


1. Burning is the opposite of:

A. Covering

B. Filling

C. Dodging

2. The Clone Stamp tool places:

A. Text

B. A copy of the image area you have selected

C. Random shapes and designs

3. How many colors of ink are in a duotone?

B. One plus black

C. Any two, not necessarily including black

4. To remove the sepia toning from an old scanned photo:

A. Change the mode to grayscale

B. Adjust the colors to add more cyan

C. Click Bleach


1. C. Dodging lightens the image. Burning darkens it.

2. B. Although C might be fun.

3. C. Although black is usually one of the two colors, it needn't be.

4. A. This also helps get rid of colored ink, coffee, or other stains on a black-and-white print.


Find a picture in need of retouching, or download one from this book's page on the Sams website. Clean it up as much as you think necessary and save a copy. Convert the copy to a duotone. Hand-tint the original using transparent tints. Notice how the duotone looks like rotogravure pages from the 1930s, whereas the hand-colored version looks like photos from the '40s or '50s. Think about how you might use these techniques with your own work.

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