Q. What color mode should I be working in: CMYK Color, RGB Color, Indexed Color, Lab Color, or Grays

A. If the image is grayscale, such as a black-and-white photo, and is going to remain grayscale, stay in that mode. If the image is intended for the Web or an inkjet printer, stick with RGB. If the image will be sent to a commercial print shop for four-color process printing, convert to CMYK after you've done your retouching.


1. Red eye is caused by:

A. Excessive consumption of caffeine

B. Impossible deadlines

C. Light reflecting off the back of the eye

D. Trying to finish this book in 24 hours straight

2. If a picture is too yellow, add more:

A. Cyan

B. Blue

C. White

3. Old color photos most often look too:

A. Blue

C. Washed out


1. A, B, C, and D. Mine are almost too red for Photoshop to correct.

2. B. Blue is opposite yellow on the color wheel.

3. B. Color dyes often shift toward red as a print ages.


Find some of your own photo portraits that have bad red eye. If they're printed photos, scan them into the computer. Then use the tricks you have learned to restore normal eye colors. Next, find a group photo and remove one member of the group.

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