Restore a Badly Damaged Photo

To make this picture, or any other, look like new:

1. Crop the image to remove the border, if there is one, and any unnecessary parts of the image. (Anything you remove doesn't have to be retouched.) Select the Crop tool from the toolbox. Drag it across the picture, holding down the mouse button. Use the handles on the cropping outline to fine-tune the selection, and then double-click inside the window to crop the image.

2. Set the mode to Grayscale (Image>Mode>Grayscale) to remove the colored stains and the brown tones.

3. Open the Histogram palette. Look at the histogram to see what needs to be done to equalize the contrast (see Figure 21.14). In this case, both the white and dark points need to be reset. To make these changes, you'll need to adjust the levels.

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