Rough Pastels and Film Grain

The Rough Pastels filter adds a strong directional quality to Figure 14.6, another view of the same beach. A single filter is applied to it. However, because the Rough Pastels includes a texturizer, it's effectively two filters.


Rough Pastel beach scene.

In Figure 14.7, I kicked it up a notch by adding Film Grain over the pastels, which lightened the image, and came up with what I think is an even more interesting result. Both beach pictures are in the Color Gallery.


The beach with added Film Grain.

The possibilities are endless. If you can imagine a style or treatment for a picture, chances are excellent that Photoshop can do it. As a final picture and final filter combination, here's how you can turn a photo into an instant mosaic. Start with any picture that has reasonably large areas of flat color. Figure 14.8 shows my original picture, the yellow lily.


Unfiltered lily.

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