Selection Tools

At the top of the toolbox is a group of tools called Selection tools. They are used to select all or part of a picture. There are three kinds: the Marquees, the Lassos, and the Quick Selection tool. A selected area is indicated onscreen by a blinking selection border, called a marquee after the movie theater marquee lights that flash on and off. Click and drag the Marquee and Lasso tools over and around the part of an image you want to select. Figure 1.5 shows the pop-up menus for the Marquee and Lasso Selection tools.

The Quick Selection tool selects by color. It's similar to (but cooler than!) the old Magic Wand tool, which is now hidden in the Quick Selection tool's pop-up menu— and which is a better choice in some situations. You can just click and drag to "paint" over an area you want to select. The final tool in this set is the Move tool. After you have made a selection, use the Move tool to move the selected area to another place in the image.


The Marquee and Lasso Selection tools

To learn more about the most effective ways of making selections for different purposes, turn to Hour 3, "Making Selections."

The remaining two oddball tools in the Selection area are the Crop tool and the Slice tools. You can use the Crop tool to shrink the picture's canvas to a selected area, deleting everything outside that area. And the Slice tool is designed especially for creating web graphics; with it, you can divide a web image into multiple areas, each of which can become a clickable link to a different web location. Learn more about slicing in Hour 24, "Going Online with Photoshop."

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