Straightening the Horizon

Using the Arbitrary Rotation dialog box is an easy way to correct a picture that needs to be straightened. The picture in Figure 10.8 was shot just as the photogra-▼ pher was about to be blown off the boardwalk. Fortunately, fixing tilted horizons is

You can tell just by looking at the picture that it needs to rotate counterclockwise several degrees. To straighten the horizon, follow these steps:

1. Switch to the Ruler tool (it's under the Eyedropper in the Toolbox) and click at one end of a line that's supposed to be horizontal or vertical—in this case, the horizon. Drag along the line and release the mouse when the Ruler's line is parallel to the line you're following. (The longer the line you draw with the Ruler is, the more accurate your measurement will be.) Choose Image, Rotate Canvas, Arbitrary to open the Rotate Canvas dialog box.

2. The number of degrees of rotation the picture needs is already entered; click OK to apply the rotation. Now the horizon is level, but the edges of the picture are no longer horizontal (see Figure 10.9). Cropping will square up the corners again and improve the composition at the same time.

3. Choose the Crop tool from the toolbox or press C. Drag the Crop tool across the picture to position the cropping box. Use the handles to fine-tune your cropping. Figure 10.10 shows the cropping box in position. ▼

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