Stroking a Path

Stroking a path affects the outline of the path, not the entire area enclosed within a path. Select a path and then choose Stroke Path from the palette menu. The dialog box enables you to choose the tool you want to use, from Pencil and Brush to Blur and Sponge (see Figure 13.21).

J Pencil

j/ Brush

y e <* --»

& Eraser

( Cancel )

^ Background Eraser


Clone Stamp

Pattern Stamp

Healing Brush

$ History Brush

^ Art History Brush

yJ Smudge

£ Blur

^ Sharpen


^ Burn

^ Sponge

ty Color Replacement Tool

Quick Selection Tool

The Stroke Path dialog box allows you to determine which stroke you'll use.

Whatever tool you pick, Photoshop uses that tool's current settings to create the result. So, for example, if you want to airbrush the path outline with only 60% pressure, make sure that value is set in the Tool Options bar and that the Airbrush option is selected before you choose Stroke Path.

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