To Flip or Not to Flip

You can flip almost any object without anyone knowing, as long as there's nothing in it that would give the viewer a clue. You can't flip a picture that has type in it, obviously. You also need to be careful about flipping pictures of people who might be wearing shirts with a pocket on one side, a wristwatch, wedding ring, single earring, or other telltale item. Also, watch out for words on signs in the background and in reflections. In many cases, it won't matter, but you might find it helpful to remove the jewelry, shirt pocket, and so on. (You'll learn how to do this in Hour 22, "Repairing Color Photos.")


Rotate Rotate S?

FIGURE 10.14

You can rotate an image by dragging the selection or by choosing to rotate 90 or 180 degrees from the menu, or by entering the desired rotation amount in the Tools Options bar.

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