Viewing Tools

There are two real Viewing tools: the Hand tool and the Zoom tool. The Zoom tool is shaped like an old-fashioned magnifying glass, and the Hand, not surprisingly, like a hand. The Zoom tool lets you zoom in by clicking the tool on the canvas to see a magnified view of your picture, or zoom out by pressing Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) as you click the image. You can also click and drag the Zoom tool to enlarge a specific part of the image. When you zoom in, the picture is usually too big to see all at once. The Hand tool moves it within the window and is helpful after you use the Zoom tool to enlarge the picture. Use the Hand tool, as shown in Figure 1.7, to slide the part of the picture you want to see or work on into a convenient spot. Press the space bar while using any other tool to temporarily switch to the Hand tool.


The Hand tool moves an image within its window. You can use the Hand tool either on the main screen or, as seen here, in the Navigator window.

Within this category, we can also include the Eyedropper tool, the Color Sampler tool, the Ruler tool, and the Count tool. The Eyedropper tool picks up a sample of any color on which you click, making it the active color, so you can paint with it. The Color Sampler tool places a reference point on the screen when you click, and puts all of the color information about that spot in the Info palette. You can keep information on as many as four samples at a time. The Ruler tool can be used to measure dimensions and angles in the picture. Click and drag a line to measure a distance between two points, and see it displayed in the Info window. To measure an angle, first create a measured line. Then place your cursor on one of its two end-points. Hold down the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key while clicking and dragging from the endpoint of the first line in the direction of the angle.

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