What You'll Learn in This Hour:

► The Filter Gallery

► Applying and Editing Smart Filters

► Combining and Fading Filters

Ah, filters! They offer the Photoshop user the most bang for the buck, that's for sure. With a filter, you can instantly turn a blurry picture into a faux oil painting, create fluffy clouds from thin air, or remove dust and scratches from an old photo. And there's more— oh, so much more.

But before you go wild with filters in the next few hours, I'd like you to take just one hour to learn a few things that will make your filter adventures even wilder and woollier. Did you know, for example, that you can apply more than one filter at a time using the Filter Gallery? Or that you can make any filter a Smart Filter whose settings can be adjusted at any point after you apply it—yes, even years later? Once you master these techniques, in addition to the Fade command, you'll be ready to move on to actually applying some filters. So hang in there.

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