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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this ebook are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

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Jack Singer the author of The advancement of learning guide, has also been involved in writing other books about certain tricks to learn in life. The product is a comprehensive, self-paced, user-friendly, enhanced-reading and advanced learning techniques program. The product is a program that gives you a chance to liberate the undiscovered brilliance unlocked inside of you. Get to experience a real phenomenal memory. This product does not entail techniques or a mechanistic experiment that reveals the study of and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory. The list goes on about what pending problems you can solve with this program. These problems include; Math problems- you can thus be able to solve a whole world of math-mystery. It entails the simple secret of how to avoid 20 percent of all math errors worth your time! business-mystery, and financial mysteries. All opened up from one simple change in your work habits. Minimal concentration do you wish to develop total concentration?. The guide issues you with a simple routine to help you get down to work instantly. You can then absorb huge amounts of information easily even in a room filled with howling children. The package comes in form of an e-book, acquired online. It is intended for men and women of ages. More here...

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Black Belt Memory

Black Belt Memory is a product aimed at helping the users have retentive memories in just 21 days. The methods are easy to use that the users can learn it at home. The only difference it has from other self-help program is the follow-up model it uses to track the user's progress. After the users have completed the course, they will get the chance to practice what they have learned by participating in a sort of quiz competition. This quiz competition will either make the designer give the user's certificate or ask the user's to go through the lessons again. This makes it fit for the users to understand it and make them follow the instructions given. The certification is simply a means to help the users stay on track but can do more than that. The users can frame the certificate, hang it on the wall for well-wishers to know. The product is perfect for adults and children over the age of five. It is not one that uses the regular rote memory type of recollection. It uses a systematic way of ensuring the users remember the details the user's need to remember. At the end of the program, the users are guaranteed that their brain will be 300% sharper. More here...

Black Belt Memory Summary

Contents: Online Course
Creator: Ron White
Official Website:

Hacking the Work Area

Photoshop comes with an abundance of commands, tools, and palettes. At first sight, even second, third, and umpteenth sight, it can be quite daunting trying to find the right menu item, tool, or palette in order to carry out a simple task. Even when you do find the right command, you can find it grayed out or find commands that weren't there the last time you looked at a menu If you want to master the behemoth that is Photoshop, you must memorize where each menu item is, where you can find the tools, and what each palette contains. Some of that happens naturally as you work in Photoshop on a regular basis. However, you can speed up the process if you don't look at the interface on a need-to-know basis but rather with an open mind, which is capable of holding unimaginable amounts of information if you just open the doors and let the information glide in and make itself at home.

Making a Word Worth a Thousand Pixels

Photoshop CS2 adds one of the most requested type-related features in the history of the program. For the first time, as you can see in the inset to the lower right in Figure 13-1, Photoshop's Font menu actually shows a preview sample of the font styles so that you don't need to memorize the appearance of all your various type faces. And you can choose PreferencesOType to select from three different sizes for the font preview.

^Improve Performance by Freeing Memory

Sometimes, when you are working with large, multilayered, graphically intense images, you will find that even though you have all the gigabytes in the world, Photoshop is still asking for more memory or it's acting a bit sluggish. Why does this happen Photoshop utilizes memory for every action completed (you will see this noted in the History palette). Photoshop also utilizes memory to enable users to use the Undo command. Each time you copy an item, memory is also used up. Here are some tips for streamlining your memory.

Converting a Photograph to a Watercolor

After the main book page has loaded, click the Downloads link to get to the files. Open the downloaded file in Photoshop and make any color adjustments you think necessary. I think it could be lighter, so that's what I did. (If you've forgotten how, turn back to Hour 5, Adjusting Color, to refresh your memory.) Remember not to let the colors get too dark before you start applying filters. Photoshop filters, in general, tend to add more black to the image.

Check your resolution

If your printer is of marginal quality or is acting contrary, you can always get your images printed by ordering them via an online service. See Chapter 15 for details. Another option is to use the Kodak Picture Maker. I'm sure you have seen the walk-up kiosks at your local mall or drugstore. Simply insert your memory card, CD, or even a diskette into the appropriate slot, and the machine at the kiosk scans the images foryou.

Using the 3D Transform filter

There are a dozen tools in all, but they make a bit more sense if you regard them as members of five basic categories, itemized in the following sections. Like Photoshop's standard tools, you can select the 3D Transform tools from the keyboard (assuming that you have any headroom left to memorize the shortcuts). Shortcut keys are listed in parentheses.

Storing Alternate Designs with Layer Comps

Layer Comps were first introduced with Photoshop CS. When properly used, Layer Comps can significantly extend design flexibility. Essentially, a layer comp is a snapshot of your Layers palette, which allows you to memorize different combinations of layers. A layer comp can record three types of layer options Step 3. Click the Create New Layer Comp button at the bottom of the Layer Comp palette. Name the Comp Red 1 and choose to memorize both Visibility and Position. Click OK to store the Layer Comp. Step 5. Click the Create New Layer Comp button at the bottom of the Layer Comp palette. Name the Comp Red 2 and choose to memorize both Visibility and Position. Click OK to store the Layer Comp.

Figure 9.4

You learned about working with the Brush tool in Hour 6, Painting with Brushes. As you recall, using the Tool Options bar, you can switch from a large brush to a small one, or change the opacity, with just a click. I also like to open the Swatches palette and use it as a paint box to select colors, rather than going to the Color Picker each time. Please feel free to flip back if you need to refresh your memory about any of these issues.

Deleting photos:

If you burned a CD when you first inserted your memory card (and I know you did, because now you know how important it is to keep your negatives safely stored), then delete any image you don't want by clicking on the thumbnail within the Browser and dragging it to the Trash icon at the bottom-right corner of the window.

Easy Fixes

Let's start by looking at some of the things you can do to fix an old picture that might have faded, yellowed, or been damaged. First, we'll consider a couple of old family photos that need a little bit of adjusting and touching up. We'll run (literally) through the steps involved in fixing them and the tools you'll need to know how to use. (Remember, you can always flip to the front of the book to refresh your memory about these tools, too.)

The Selection Tools

You can select a piece of a picture in several ways. You can use any of the Selection tools Marquee tools, Lasso tools, the Quick Selection tool, or the Magic Wand. You have different kinds of Selection tools because you sometimes need to make selections in a particular way, such as punching a shape out of an image or selecting all of the sky. Photoshop's Selection tools give you the power to select the whole picture or a single pixel. Just to refresh your memory, Figure 3.1 shows the Selection tools. (The pop-up menus have been shifted so that you can see what's on them.) The Crop tool is grouped with the Selection tools because it's used for selecting the portion of the image you want to keep we'll talk about how to use it later in this hour. In the lower-right corner, you can also see the Slice tool, which is used for web animation. You'll learn all about it in Hour 24, Going Online with Photoshop.

Extra memory cards

Digital cameras store their images in a few ways, in the camera's internal memory, on memory cards, or a combo of both. Whether your memory card is CompactFlash (shown in Figure 20-2), SmartMedia, Memory Stick, Secure Digital MultiMedia, x-D-Picture, or some other flavor, having more cards means having more photos.

Pushing Your Buttons

If your memory for keyboard shortcuts is already overloaded, you'll be relieved to know you can also combine selections using the four buttons at the left end of the Tool Options bar New Selection, Add to Selection, Subtract from Selection, and Intersect with Selection. That last one results in a selection of the area that the original selection and your new selection have in common.

Use a good printer

L Direct-print printers These printers allow you to bypass the computer completely. Instead, you cable your digital camera to the printer or insert your memory card into a slot on the printer. You can print everything from contact sheets to regular-size prints. The downside, of course, is that aside from a couple of brightness and color adjustments on some models, you cannot repair or fix your images before you print them.

And Noise Filters

Factors such as how much memory your computer has, the average size file you work with, and your need to multitask (have other programs open) can determine how Photoshop uses the memory currently allotted to it. To change your memory settings, click Edit on the menu bar, point to Preferences, then click Memory & Image Cache (Win). If you are using a Macintosh,

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